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Sponsorship Exchange helps brands optimize their marketing effectiveness by matching targeted sponsorship opportunities to their overall business goals. A first ever intelligent platform that simplifies the entire sponsorship process from discovery to execution, and, ultimately, through activation. 

We are changing the game

The Only Intelligent Sponsorship Marketplace

Barriers to entry are too high when it comes to lucrative sports sponsorship opportunities - until now.

Sponsorship Exchange removes needless friction from the sponsorship process, opening new opportunities for Brands of all sizes and marketing budgets. The platform uses proprietary technology to match brands and their marketing goals with underserved rightsholders through aggregating some of the most desirable sponsorships from professional sports, music and cultural festivals, entertainment venues and more.

For the first time, brands can access higher-returning sponsorships as an integral part of their marketing mix, resulting in incremental sales for both brands and rightsholders.



The easiest way to add sponsorships to your marketing mix

  • Checkmark End-to-end platform - from search to execution
  • Checkmark Dynamic AI search results based on your objectives
  • Checkmark Choose from thousands of rightsholders
  • Reach up to 40 million fans


The easiest way to connect with the right brands at the right price

  • Checkmark Revenue
  • Checkmark Incoming offers from brands
  • Checkmark Contract generation and execution
  • Checkmark Access to more diverse brands
How it Works

Find sponsorship opportunities that match your marketing objectives

  • Define Your Objectives

  • Review Your Sponsorship

  • Choose Your Matches

  • Close the Deal

Define your marketing objectives

Our algorithms take the mix of business and marketing objectives as you define them and convert them into cost effective and measurable sponsorship opportunities

  • Brand Awareness
  • Sales Growth
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Experiential Activations
  • Product Sampling
  • Community Engagement
  • Customer Hospitality

Review the optimized package of assets that meet your objectives 

Sponsorship Exchange uses advanced intelligence to create the perfect package of assets to achieve your objectives. You can further refine as many asset types you want to fully customize your sponsorship.

  • Streaming
  • Radio
  • Out of Home
  • Social and Digital
  • Events and Programming
  • Database Marketing

Choose the rightsholders you want to partner with

All rightsholders that match your campaign proposal criteria will appear as options for sponsorship and be notified of your campaign. Rightsholders will be able to accept, reject, or counteroffer your campaign proposal. Each rightsholder will be listed with their status and a score of how well they match your campaign specifications. You can choose 1 or many rightsholders that you want to partner with.

Send contracts with the click of a button

Once you have decided which rightsholders best match your campaign proposal, send auto-generated contracts with your campaign's terms for them to sign. Contract creation, transmission, and signing all take place on Sponsorship Exchange's platform. Once both parties have signed, you officially have a new sponsorship partner. 


Have questions?

How does Sponsorship Exchange work?

Sponsorship Exchange is an online marketplace for Brands and Rightsholders to more easily create partnerships that meet specific goals and objectives. Both Brands and Rightsholders are provided with secure and unique login credentials that takes them to a personalized dashboard. Brands are able to create Sponsorship Campaigns by simply submitting their marketing objectives.  Sponsorship Exchange’s proprietary algorithm then develops a comprehensive list of the sponsorship assets and properties to best accomplish these goals.   Brand offers are then submitted to Rightsholders for review and approval. The negotiation, contracting, and exchange of assets all happens within the platform.

What brands and rightsholders are you currently working with?

We are working with multiple professional sports leagues and entertainment venues as well as with brands of all sizes. We recently rolled out a pilot program and are currently seeking additional partners to onboard and participate.

Why should I use Sponsorship Exchange?

Sponsorship Exchange removes friction for Brand's of all sizes to easily pursue sponsorship opportunities.  Our proprietary algorithm removes guesswork and time-consuming manual processes, greatly reducing the investment involved in acquiring the right partnerships to accomplish their marketing objectives.  In doing so, the Exchange connects Brands with sponsorship opportunities from teams and venues they otherwise might not have visibility to and brings those teams and venues incremental partnerships to add to their own efforts.

How are assets sent/received between rightsholders and Brands?

All communication, contracts, and media files required for sponsorship asset implementation, tracking and proof-of- delivery are accessible 24/7 and distributed via the Sponsorship Exchange platform. Brands and Rightsholders will have their own unique and secure login credentials that give them access to their organizations dashboard which helps them keep track of everything needed during the partnering and activation phases of each partnership.

How much does it cost?

Brands and Rightsholders agree to contract terms together for each partnership. There are no membership, subscription, or entry fees associated with participating on the Sponsorship Exchange.  Once partnerships begin their activation phase, transaction fees are deducted from the contracted payment amounts made by brands and the net amount is delivered to the rightsholder.

Join our no cost pilot program and see what the hype is about.