Our Executive Team


Who We Are

Sponsorship Exchange is a first of its kind platform that uses its proprietary intelligence system to automate the sponsorship transaction process. Sponsorship Exchange was co-founded in 2021 by executives with collectively 75+ years of partnering experience with brands which includes dozens of Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, leagues, attractions, venues, municipalities, and universities.

Having negotiated some of the largest and most recognizable naming rights deals and $1B+ in sponsorship transactions, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver on this vision through the combination of their leadership experience in sponsorships, sports, entertainment, hospitality and technology.


Who We've Worked With

Our founders have worked with some of the most prestigious brands and properties in the world including: FC Barcelona, Washington Nationals, Phoenix Suns, AEG, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Flyers, LA Galaxy, Formula 1, NFL Hall of Fame, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Verizon, Amazon, NTT, Alaska Airlines, Banc of California, SBE, Herbalife Nutrition, Orlando Health, and Leidos to name a few.

What We Do

Our platform makes sponsorship opportunities easier to discover, better calibrated to fit marketing objectives, and faster and easier for brands and rightsholders of all sizes to transact.   As a result, many of the costly inefficiencies and unnecessary friction inherent in the existing ecosystem can be eliminated through use of the Exchange.

Our ultimate vision is that through the simplicity, efficiency and the ultimate reach of our platform, we will exponentially expand the sponsorship market so that these partnerships become even more widely utilized in any brand’s marketing mix.


Why We're Here

Sponsorships represent a unique opportunity for brands to align themselves with the passion their customers have for their favorite sport, team, artist, athlete, event or interest.  Despite the fact that sponsorships historically create the highest levels of engagement and ROI for brands, they have been an under-utilized and often overlooked marketing tool for all but a few brands with the largest marketing budgets. The B2B sponsorship market currently represents an $80B+ per year industry, in which only the top 1% of the more than 500k brands worldwide participate, and 100% of those sponsorships are transacted through an entirely manual sales process.  The laborious and time-consulting nature of that sales process prevents the sponsorship industry from capturing an even greater share of the $1T+ per year media market. Sponsorship Exchange, through its proprietary automated platform, provides the first real alternative end-to-end solution to the traditional ways of transacting sponsorships. 

Limited Participation

Join our Pilot Program for a closer look at Sponsorship Exchange

We still have a limited number of spots available for Sponsorship Exchange's new Pilot Program. Apply and see if your Brand qualifies. Participation is free and enrollment ends May 31st, 2023.